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Below learn all about Bella, Finny, and the author Bonnie A. Wayne!

Isabella RoseIsabella Rose

Nick Name : Belly Boo
Date of Birth : 11/8/2000
Breed : Standard Poodle
Hair Color : Black
Eye Color : Dark Brown
Weight: That’s personal!
Height : 25 inches
Favorite Toy : Soft stuffed lamb
IQ : Very Smart
Tricks: Sit, lay down, sit up, shake, cover your nose, say your prayers, jump
Favorite Foods : Steak, raw carrots, pizza, pancakes, chicken, tuna fish, apples nuts, crackers, cookies, eggs, celery, sweet potatoes, bacon
Least Favorite Foods : Shrimp, tomatoes, green olives
Favorite Activities : Modeling, going for a walk, playing in the snow, riding in the car, jumping, playing tug-a-war with Finny, baking cookies
Least Favorite Activity : Brushing her teeth, cleaning her ears, flipping pancakes
Favorite Tug-a-war Toy: Nylon Frisbee
Favorite Color : Pink
Best Friend: Finny

FinnyPhineas P. Mulligan

Nick Name : Mr. Finster
Date of Birth: 12/27/2000
Breed : Standard Poodle
Hair Color : Apricot
Eye Color: Brown
Weight : 65 pounds
Height : 28 inches
Favorite Toy : A hard bone
IQ : Smart
Tricks : Sit, stretch, shake, stand up, opening peanut butter jars and the door
Favorite Foods : Peanut Butter, steak, liver, crackers, apples, carrots, ravioli, cookies, bananas, salmon, bacon, pizza, mashed potatoes
Least Favorite Foods : Pretzels, black olives, lemons
Favorite Activities : Modeling, going for a walk, riding in the car with his head out the sun roof , chasing Bella, digging, mowing the lawn
Least Favorite Activity : Taking a bath, swimming, taking out the garbage
Favorite Tug-a-War Toy : A cotton knotted rope
Favorite Color : Brown
Best Friend : Bella

Bonnie, Bella and FinnyAbout the Author, Bonnie A. Wayne

Bonnie A. Wayne combined her love for children and the humorous pictures of her two standard poodles to create The Adventures of Bella and Finny Series™. With a background in Human Services, Bonnie has worked with children in different capacities for nearly three decades. Because of her experience, Bonnie has found that humor is a very effective way to teach. Her unique books are creative, fun and a great learning tool for parents and educators.

The Adventures of Bella and Finny Series™ have been a huge success in classrooms. Teachers enjoy presenting the material as much as the children enjoy learning. Research shows that when you combine entertainment with teaching, children retain information better. Children love to laugh and learn with Bella and Finny! The love of books is one of the most invaluable gifts we can give our children. The Adventures of Bella and Finny Series™ is a positive start toward their life long journey with books.

Bonnie’s hilarious pictures from The Adventures of Bella and Finny Series™  have been seen in Woman’s World Magazine. In addition to Woman’s World, Bella and Finny were also published in Times Union, The Saratogian, Post Star, Redbook, The Triple Times and GAK News. Bonnie has been a guest on Radio, Web Radio and TV.

People of all ages love the photographs of Bella and Finny.

Bonnie resides in Clifton Park, New York with her husband Tom, and of course Bella and Finny.  Bonnie and Tom have two adult daughters, Tiffany and Taryn and a son-in-law Scott.  All are now happily pursuing their own passion in life.