The award-winning Adventures of Bella and Finny Series takes a fun and unique approach in teaching basic concepts to children. The stars of this series are two standard poodles, Bella and Finny. Humorous photographs capture Bella and Finny in everyday situations that children can relate to. These books are educationally sound as well as entertaining. Educators and Parents will find the series of books to be a great learning tool with many teachable moments. These books help develop memory and language based skills in young children.

“I love what I do! It’s a thrill for me to see the positive reaction children have to Bella and Finny!”

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2014 Calendar Cover

web coverBella and Finny’s 2014 calendar will give you a smile every month!

Below are some of the out takes.

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Calendar Fun!

How's our profile?

How’s our profile?

Love Finny's squinty eyes!

Love Finny’s squinty eyes!

Okay, I think we're done!

Oh I see our friends!

It is always so much fun taking pictures of Bella and Finny. They are real pros and LOVE the camera! I do take a lot of pictures and some of the out takes are very funny. I’ll share some from the cover so I don’t spoil the surprise of the months inside!